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A sweet deal for exceptional checking:



Exceptional Customers deserve exceptionally sweet rewards. So much so, we think you deserve a bonus. For a limited time, earn a Cash Back1 when you deposit new money into a personal Exceptional Checking account and complete required activities

  •  Deposit $30,000, get $500 Cash Back
  •    Deposit $55,000, get $900 Cash Back
  •    Deposit $80,000, get $1,300 Cash Back

Exceptional Checking Cash Back1

We love our exceptional checking account, and think you will too! Whether you’re a new or loyal customer, take advantage of this special offer and experience just how rewarding a CPB Personal Exceptional Checking account can be.

Scoring this sweet deal is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Deposit a one-time deposit of new money into a new or existing Exceptional Account by 11/10/23 and the funds must remain in the account for six (6) consecutive calendar months starting from the date of your qualified deposit.


Set up direct deposit into your Exceptional Checking account of at least $200 within 90 days of your Qualified Deposit and must continue for six (6) consecutive calendar months after your new money deposit was received.


Keep your Exceptional Checking account open for 180 days after your new money deposit.

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Personal Checking That’s Truly Exceptional

Choose the Cash Back you want by depositing the corresponding amounts1.

$30,000 $500
$55,000 $900
$80,000 $1,300

The Personal Exceptional checking account has a $20 monthly service fee which can be avoided by maintaining a $10,000 daily balance in the account or $10,000 combined daily balance of qualified linked accounts.

Discover the benefits of Exceptional Checking

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Access the Family Plan

Share your Exceptional Checking benefits with up to three family members with no minimum combined balance requirement and no monthly service charges2.


Competitive, Tiered Interest Rates

Earn more on the cash in your checking, savings, CDs, and more. Rates available here.


Free Banking Services

Access one of the best online banking experiences in Hawaii, one free safe deposit box (up to $50 value)3, no ATM transaction fees when using any non-CPB ATM4, free notary service5, and more.

1. Offer expires November 10, 2023.  New money must be from a non-Central Pacific Bank account and a one-time deposit into your Central Pacific Bank Exceptional Checking account (“Qualifying Deposit”). The minimum daily balance of the Exceptional Checking account must continue to be at or above the Qualifying Deposit for the tier selected for the next 6 full consecutive calendar month ends to avoid a penalty fee equal to the Cash Bonus (Tier 1 - $500 bonus for $30,000, Tier 2 - $900 bonus for $55,000, Tier 3 - $1,300 bonus for $80,000). For example, if you make a Qualifying Deposit on September 15, 2023, you must maintain your Qualifying Deposit until the end of March (March 31, 2024). You must have a direct deposit of $200 or more (“Direct Deposit”) within 90 days of your Qualifying Deposit to receive your cash bonus. Customers must maintain a $10,000 Exceptional Checking Plan balance to avoid a $20 monthly service charge fee. The Cash Bonus will be credited to your Exceptional Checking account within 60 days after the Qualifying Deposit and first eligible Direct Deposit is met and will be reported as interest to the primary account holder. Central Pacific Bank reserves the right to charge a fee equal to the value of the Cash Bonus (“Penalty Fee”) if the Exceptional Checking account is changed to another product type or closed within 6 months of the Qualifying Deposit. The Direct Deposit must be a recurring direct deposit of $200 or more, at least once a month, for 6 months after the Qualifying Deposit to avoid the Penalty Fee. The Penalty Fee can be assessed on any account that you own at the Bank if there are not enough funds in the Exceptional Checking. Limit of one Cash Bonus per customer and only one account per customer is eligible. Offer is subject to change at any time and cannot be combined with other offers. Terms, conditions, and fees apply to accounts, products, programs, and services, and are subject to change.  Rates may change after the account is opened.  Fees could reduce earnings.  The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is tiered: for balances of $0 - $9,999.99 the APY is 0.01%; for $10,000 - $49,999.99, APY is 0.01%; for $50,000 - $249,999.99, APY is 0.02%; for $250,000 & over, APY is 0.03%. APYs are effective as of September 13,2023.

2. You may refer up to three family members. A Family Plan Referral Code must be presented at the time the new Exceptional Checking Account (“Sponsored Account”) is opened. For details, click here

3. Or $50 off larger box size. $50 discount includes a $5 discount for automatic payment of rental fees. Automatic payment from an eligible CPB account is required. Safe deposit box contents are not insured by Central Pacific Bank, the FDIC, or any other government agency.

4. Non-CPB ATMs may impose surcharges that are separate from and in addition to our ATM Transaction Fee and should disclose their surcharge fee at the beginning of the transaction.

5. Call for appointment.